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Sunscreen Gel

Banjara's Sunscreen Gel is a novel water-based sun screen gel. It helps in protecting the skin from harmful ultraviolet radiations. It has the double advantage of lightening the skin tone. It is equivalent to SPF 30.


Sunscreen enhanced with Aloe Vera

Banjara's Sunscreen Aloe Vera gel is ultra-light, oil free and is absorbed instantly by the skin. It provides hours of screening from ultraviolet rays.


Vitamin E (All purpose cream)

Banjara's All purpose Gel with vitamin E provides total nourishment to the skin and is a non-greasy gel. It makes skin soft, smooth and supple rehydrating it and restoring its moisture balance.


Aloe Vera (All purpose cream)

Aloe Vera is considered as one of the greatest nature's gift to the skin. Ots properties prevent ageing as it has extra misturizing powers giving the skin a natural glow.


Looking just yourself is looking prettier. We at Banjara’s believe and work towards making you beautiful, naturally, without any artificial ingredients. Famous for skin and hair

care products over the years, Banjara’s brings an array of face packs and hair treatments made from natural extracts. Banjara’s offers the best herbal care to the customer’s

delight while truly inheriting the nature’s best. As the penchant for beauty is soaring high in today’s world Banjara’s has become the mantra for one and all.